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Facial Shape, Hair Texture and the Right Haircut for Males

It was two years ago when men’s hair fashion exploded with a number of trends that have now attained a somewhat iconic status.- from the pompadour to men buns to the ubiquitous undercut.

So how do you choose the right hairstyle? First, you determine the shape of your face, and then the texture of your hair.

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An oval face will look best with a classic short cut – sides short, top a little longer, with a side swept part or not. The idea is to not wear hair down on the forehead, but backwards, so your head doesn’t look round. To sharpen the face a little, create angles and volume on top. A man-bun is perfect on an oval face, along with long hair and an undercut variation.
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With a round face shape, you need to create height and angle illusions so that your hair is short on the side, and longer on top, as to add height as well as length to the face. A messy v-cut do on top will work magic. Stay away from bangs and buzzcuts though as they tend to make your face look rounder. A side part works to make your face look more angular. If your face is round, you can go for long hair, always in a side part, and layered in order to contrast the roundness of the face.


The blessed ones – those with square-shaped faces – can brag all they want. They can wear pretty much any haircut, even softer looks such as the classic old Hollywood Cary Grant do, for example, or its exact opposite, long hair. Anything really goes.


Triangle face shapes, otherwise known as diamond face shapes, are always at their best with hair that’s short on the side and thick on top. Buzzcuts are also great, along with a side swept hairstyle, and a deep side part would be easy to do.

Now, what’s your hair texture?

Wavy hair fits most haircuts due to its volume and movement. And if you want to grow it long, you will likely look awesome.

If thick, straight hair can look spiky so don’t do it slicked back, unless it’s well styled and tamed. Use lots of conditioner so that it’s softer and easier to handle.

Thin straight hair is best in a short classic cut, like a tamed undercut of sort.

Curly hair can look stunning as a bolder type of undercut, or as a longer hairstyle which has a kind of a disheveled look to it.

Lastly, if you have a receding hairline, let your hair grow longer on top and style it in a messy fashioin to hire the years by adding an illusion of volume.

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How To Choose The Gun Safe Suitable For You

Are you aware that there are safes out there specifically made for guns? When you venture the market for a gun safe, you’d probably get a headache because there is a wide array to choose from. There are gun safes that are of greater quality than others and it would all depend on how much you would be willing to pay for it.

You must always go for quality products because these may be pricey but they are bound to last longer and you will get the most out of your money, therefore you search for gun safes that are made by reputable companies who have been in the business for many years already. Avoid trying on new companies because you do not have any idea on the quality of their product and anything unknown could potentially be bad.

The next step is to find that one gun safe from a reputable company that is top of the line and suitable for your needs. Before going gun safe shopping, list down the requirements you have for the gun safe you want and that way, you can easily narrow down your choices.
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Some facts you need to take into consideration would include the number of guns you own, how big are they, and how secure do you want them to be. Before making a purchase, ask about how secure is the gun safe from anybody who tries to break into it.
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Gun safes are considered best if they have strong hinges, but if you want to go the extra mile then purchase a more advanced one that would allow finger print scanning. Electronic devices on safes have a downside though in the sense that they sometimes malfunction and they require more energy to operate.

If a thief is determined enough to crack your safe then he or she will eventually be able to do it especially if you have one that has an electronic device on it, but if you use the finger print scanner then you can rest assure that nobody will be able to get to your guns since nobody has the same finger prints as you. This is, of course, unless they get a hold of your hand, which is kind of morbid. Yikes! For gun safes that have finger printer scanners, the only way in would be for a thief to physically dismantle the whole thing which would not be an issue if you purchase the best quality made strong and sturdy.

Another thing you need to take into consideration is the resistance of the gun safe against fire.

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Which Pest Control Method To Apply In Your House?

No one wants to think of pest control as it only means that we have unwanted guests living under our roofs that are not pleasant at all. Regardless if it’s spiders, termites, rodents or ants, there are many different things that can be done. Although, nothing is more effective than calling a professional pest control company.

Such professional are capable of helping you to identify the best method possible in treating your problems while having minimal disruptions to your everyday routine. Depending on what problem that you are dealing with, there are one or more methods that can be applied to eliminate pests in your house.

Number 1. Baiting – in this method, it is using baits to be able to attract insect in traps. The bait can be an organic material, a pesticide or even a regular kitchen item. Some baits have poison that allows inset to feed and get back to their colony in which they are going to poison the entire population. Some of the recommended areas for using bait in your house are drawers and kitchen cupboards, behind kitchen appliances, under the sink and near water installations in bathroom.
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Whether you believe it or not, this method is the most preferred by a number of homeowners because bait is not seen easily by people visiting your house, doesn’t have strong odor and virtually, non toxic to pets and people.
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Number 2. Attract other insects – usually, this particular method is done outdoors particularly for those pets that eat garden plants and shrubs that you might order beneficial insects that will pretty naturally on pesky pests in your yard or garden or even plant species that have the capability of attracting the right bugs. However, expect that this process will take time but, it is really worthwhile because when beneficial insects have grown and established their hunting ground say goodbye to pests for good.

Number 3. Chemical control – insecticides are quite a common method and administered either by a homeowner or a professional service. See to it that you are utilizing insecticides that are right for your situation and follow instructions of application. Say that you have some doubts or have a serious insect problem, then you might want to consult a professional and experienced pest control service before spending effort and cash on ineffective methods that can cause harm to your vegetation or pets.

Number 4. Traps – commonly this method is used for non insect pests similar to mice and rats. They are able to catch rodents and hold them until a professional or even you yourself empty the trap. There are many retail stores that are selling mouse traps so you won’t have a problem buying one.